Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Almost Black Grout Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Almost Black Grout
Peel & Stick Hub Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Almost Black Grout
No joke tiles
from $12.00
 These white subway tiles with almost black grout are no joke - they work so well together and take the mundane to absolutely fabulous. Pierrot the clown is famous for this colour combination on his face but there will be no sad faces when you’ve finished renovating - just tears of joy!!  The grout is dark grey but so dark that it almost looks black from some angles and depending on the light and contrasting colours.  Plus there is no clowning around with tools or other equipment our stick on tiles are easy to use and can be applied on top of existing tiles!!  Take the plunge and dive in!! 
Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Grey Grout Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Grey Grout
Peel & Stick Hub Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Grey Grout
Hard to resist tiles
from $12.00
Looking for a tile that stands the test of time? The classic white subway tile with grey grout is not only a show stopper but it’s a timeless tile that has style and sophistication. The white and grey contrast is well balanced and makes your splashback hard to resist.  These tiles are designed for walls and make great splashbacks in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries - they are also ideal for caravans and mobile homes due to the lightweight nature. They are easy to install and with no tradies or tools required making the job simple and easy to do yourself. The tiles are also very affordable so there is no need to keep putting off that renovation simply peel and stick.
white kit kat tiles with white grout White kit kat tiles in a bathroom
Peel & Stick Hub Kit Kat Wall Tile | White with White Grout
Give yourself a break tiles
from $9.00
Can’t afford to renovate?  Don’t stress that DIY tiling project, stop and take a break with these easy to apply sophisticated Kit Kat wall tiles. Enjoy the simplicity of these symmetrical peel and stick tiles giving a fresh new look to any wall or flat surface. Lay them vertical or horizontal, the choice is yours.  Create that fresh clean look in your home with this white tile and white grout design. No need to worry about getting a tradie in, they come ready to apply with adhesive on the back and white grout surrounding the tile. You simply have to peel, stick and apply to your wall. So give your bank account and yourself a break with the Peel and Stick Hub.
Self-adhesive blue kith kat tile with white grout Blue peel and stick kit kat tiles with white grout in bathroom
Peel & Stick Hub Kit Kat Wall Tile | Blue with White Grout
Surfer dude tiles
from $12.00
Are you looking for that beach style vibe for your home? Bring the ocean vibes inside with these stunning Kit Kat peel and stick wall tiles. The combination of blues are reminiscent of the colour of waves breaking in the ocean and the vibe is simply awesome dude.  These vinyl wall tiles are easy to install and can be applied on top of existing tiles making it quick and easy to refresh your kitchen splash back, bathroom vanity or man cave! Why waste time renovating the hard way. Simply choose your tiles, peel and stick! It really is that easy so what are you waiting for - Surfs Up! 
White edge trim to frame peel and stick wall tiles White edge trim applied around white hexagon tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Edge Trim White
Living on an edge
Don’t wait, take the plunge and finish the job. There’s no risk to this vinyl edging - the neutral white trim is designed to match any colour tile and makes for an affordable professional finish to your splash back or tiling project.  The 3m white trim is self adhesive and comes in one length giving that professional finish with no visible joins. The trim can be easily cut with a craft knife and metal ruler. 
Clear strips anti slip grip Clear strips anti slip grip on bathroom floor
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Clear Strips
Skid no evil strip
Keep your feet firmly on the ground with anti skid strips These anti slip clear grips provide extra traction and grip on surfaces that are often wet or slippery. Think bathtubs, bathroom floors, and outside the shower.  These grips are made of a transparent material, so blend seamlessly with the surfaces they are attached to, making them practical and unobtrusive. Simply decide on the placement of the grips, clean the surface, dry it and then peel and stick! 
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