Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Grey Grout



4 Sheets 1 Sheet

Subway Wall Tile Classic | White with Grey Grout

Hard to resist tiles


4-Pack or Single Sheet | 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 2.5mm thick

Looking for a tile that stands the test of time?

The classic white subway tile with grey grout is not only a show stopper but it’s a timeless tile that has style and sophistication. The white and grey contrast is well balanced and makes your splashback hard to resist. 

These tiles are designed for walls and make great splashbacks in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries - they are also ideal for caravans and mobile homes due to the lightweight nature. They are easy to install and with no tradies or tools required making the job simple and easy to do yourself. The tiles are also very affordable so there is no need to keep putting off that renovation simply peel and stick.

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4 Sheets 1 Sheet
Wall Tile Calculator

Use our clever tile calculator and remove the guessing game of how many packs you require for your DIY project. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Divide the area you want to cover in rectangular sections as pictured. Make all measurements in mm.
  • We recommend to add a minimum of 10% wastage to your order. Select your wastage from the drop down menu. As a rule of thumb larger tiles and a more geometric look (e.g. the herringbone tiles that interlocks both horizontally and vertically) require a higher waste percentage.
  • The calculator base the calculations on the tiles being applied in the direction as pictured of the hand holding the tile. If you intend to position your tiles in the opposite direction, simply swap width with height.

Section A
Width mm
Height mm
Section B (Optional)
Width mm
Height mm
Section C (Optional)
Width mm
Height mm
Section D (Optional)
Width mm
Height mm
Add Wastage (recommended)
Are you ready for some Hard to resist tiles?
Here is the Tile-tastic Tally
You need 0 x 4-packs (0 sheets) to cover 0.0 m2 with no wastage

Phew! That number crunching was an exhausting exercise. (We hope we got it right!!)

Now it's up to you mate. You get the easy part and all you need to do is just to stick them to your wall (with the guidance of our awesome instructions of course).

Boring but required facts | 2.5mm Premium Tiles:

  • We always say if you are going to do a job well then it’s worth doing it properly! And at the Peel & Stick Hub we have designed our wall tile packs to give you just the right amount of tiles for your job. On average most jobs require a couple of packs of tiles so bare in mind that our packs contain 4 sheets of tiles. 
  • You may be wondering how you calculate how many packs of tiles you need. Don’t stress it, our handy calculator above is designed to quickly find out approximately how many tiles your project requires. Of course you still need to measure the surface you intend to cover in mm but this should really help and make the buying process easy! Plus we have some super saver bundles so make sure you check these out!
  • When it comes to installation - don’t be a ‘know it all’. Read our full installation guide here. If you skip this step your project may not look top notch and you certainly won’t give us a 5 star review that we so desperately want. Do us both a favour and check out the guide!
  • One of the positives to our wall tiles is that they are easy to install as they are  self-adhesive. For anyone wondering, this means they have a sticky back and can just be stuck to a wall. That’s right; peel off the backing paper and stick them to your wall like a jigsaw puzzle. No extra glue is required and definitely no grout or tradesmen. The tiles can be installed by you or by any friend or family member you wish to bribe.
  • The tiles are 30.5cm x 30.5cm and a whopping 2.5mm thick! That is thicker than any other low budget peel and stick tile on the market. Why so thick? Because they hide imperfections better! 
  • The tiles are hard wearing and scratch resistant and if we're getting technical they are made with a PU Gel. This gives them a squashy finish with a rich colour that is strikingly close in look to ceramic tiles. They won’t turn yellow from the sun or be scratched from cleaning. They’ll stay up until the day you decide you want to jump on the next trend. As an added bonus; the backing paper is degradable.

Happy peel and sticking!

More Info - 2.5mm Premium Tiles

suitable surfaces

  • Tiles
  • Painted Walls
  • Melamine
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Acrylic


Size: 30.5cm (W) x 30.5cm (H) x 2.5mm (T)

4 sheets of self-adhesive wall tiles

Material: Peeling back sheet, Premium EVA foam adhesive tape, Image printing PET layer, Scratch resistant 3D PU Gel, Transparent protective film

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Xanthe Dunn
Very Easy

The Peel & Stick tiles were super easy to use. Loved how I could just put them up for a laundry wall so that I didn't have to tile properly. I didn't end up using the surrounds as I didn't like the look of them and the tile edges were nice enough, might have been different if I had had to cut them.

D Van Der Linde
Laundry update

Very happy with the product. Only criticism is that the online calculation tool seems to overestimate the number of tiles needed, so do your own math! Very happy otherwise with the product.

Elizabeth Rutland
Tiles are great, so easy and quick to apply

Made over my bathroom with tiles and vinyl as wallpaper. Quick and easy to apply and the finished result looks great. The tiles are good quality and really reflect the light making the room look bigger yay!

Installation Guide

Clean: Clean the area you wish to renovate with a degreaser and let dry.

Measure: Measure the area you are tiling correctly and mark guidelines on the wall ready for installation.

Cut: Mark the backing paper of the tiles using a ruler and pencil, then cut using a craft knife.

Peel: Remove a small section of the paper backing and align the tile on the wall. Once in place remove the remainder of the backing.

Stick & Interlock: You will need to butt join the tiles like a jigsaw puzzle. Once in place, press the tiles down firmly allowing the glue to bond with the surface. Remove the transparent protective film.

For optimal installation see our full FAQs and How to Install guide.

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