Herringbone black tiles clearance Black herringbone peel and stick tiles in a bathroom
Peel & Stick Hub Herringbone Wall Tile | Black with Black Grout
Man cave approved tiles
from $4.50 $9.00
This product is currently offered at a reduced price for clearance These tiles have a white foam backing which may show if the tiles aren't fully butted together. It is recommended to only apply this design to a completely flat surface. When the tiles are aligned in the right interlocking position, give the tiles another push together. A trick to minimise the likelihood of the white backing showing, can be to use a black marker on the edges first. Please note that we do not accept any returns or refunds for these tiles. Their pricing has been adjusted to account for the presence of the white foam backing. Are you stuck in the dark ages when it comes to your mancave? Don’t let your man cave be a dark and dingy space, give your space character through the walls. Take some inspiration from our high quality black herringbone wall tiles with black grout. This stylish look can be easily achieved with our vinyl peel and stick tiles and is a great splashback for behind the bar or entertainment centre!  Transform your space in a day with these easy to use DIY tiles, they not only look fabulous but work well if you want to hang signs or collectibles on the wall. Come out of the dark ages and Impress your mates (and your wife) with this new modern look. 
Herringbone marble tile in grey and white Herringbone marble tile kitchen splash back
Peel & Stick Hub Herringbone Wall Tile | White & Grey Marble with Grey Grout
Pimp up your van tiles
from $9.00
Looking for a lightweight DIY solution for your camper van? Be proud of your camper and pimp up your van with these white and grey marble herringbone tiles with contrasting grey grout. The vinyl wall tiles are lightweight and have no risk of cracking as you travel around the country - perfect for your van lifestyle! The simple but stylish design works well in small spaces providing a clean and fresh look. Spruce up your kitchen splashback, your table or bathroom area and put that wow factor back into your caravan or motorhome.  These peel and stick tiles provide an easy DIY solution that can be completed over a short space of time with no requirements for tools or tradies. They are easy to keep clean and will not mould leaving you feeling like the king of the campsite. 
White herringbone peel and stick tile with white grout Kitchen splash back of white herringbone tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Herringbone Wall Tile | White with Dark Grey Grout
Dirty laundry tiles
from $9.00
Do you need to wash that look right out of your home? The laundry room is one of the most overlooked rooms in the home but do you know that we spend 2 hours a week doing our laundry! That’s over 100 hours a year! So let’s make your laundry room clean and fresh with the peel and stick white herringbone tiles with dark grey grout. A perfect combination of design and practicality which are easy to wipe clean and moisture-proof. These vinyl tiles are not just designed for laundry rooms they can also be used in kitchens, bathrooms and cloakrooms. The extra thick 2mm herringbone tiles make for a quick and easy installation that can be completed in just a few hours! What are you waiting for? Clean up your look with the Peel and Stick Hub! 
White herringbone tile with white grout that is self-adhesive Herringbone Wall Tile | White with White Grout
Peel & Stick Hub Herringbone Wall Tile | White with White Grout
Play it safe tiles
from $9.00
Are you a procrastinator and find it difficult to make up your mind?  Then play it safe with these white herringbone tiles with white grout. Many would say they are boring and plain but if you are looking for a neutral design that is subtle, these peel and stick wall tiles are a safe choice.  The tiles are designed to be stuck to any flat surface making them a great option for walls. They are scratch proof and heat resistant enabling you to play it safe in the kitchen and they are mould resistant and waterproof so ideal for a bath or cloakroom. Don’t wait any longer to renovate your home join the Peel and Stick Hub.
Mint green herringbone peel and stick tile with white grout Mint green herringbone tiles over bathroom vanity
Peel & Stick Hub Herringbone Wall Tile | Mint Green with White Grout
Cool as a cucumber tiles
from $9.00
Do you want that fresh summer look all year long? Summer vibes, fresh mint and cucumber spritzers and long weekends. These mint green herringbone tiles with white grout provide a clean look that will brighten your home all year round. Don’t waste any more time, renovate your home and get that cool look in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or cloakroom.  The self-adhesive tiles are easy to apply to any flat surface, peel off the backing and stick to the wall - it really is that simple. No mess or grout as the tiles come in packs of 4 (or as single sheet) and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle making it fast and easy to complete your DIY project. 
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