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Feather black matte tiles clearance Feather black matte vinyl wall tiles as a kitchen splashback
Peel & Stick Hub Feather Wall Tile | Black Matte with Black Grout
Good fortune tiles
$14.50 $29.00
This product is currently offered at a reduced price for clearance These tiles have a white foam backing which may show if the tiles aren't fully butted together. It is recommended to only apply this design to a completely flat surface. When the tiles are aligned in the right interlocking position, give the tiles another push together. A trick to minimise the likelihood of the white backing showing, can be to use a black marker on the edges first. Please note that we do not accept any returns or refunds for these tiles. Their pricing has been adjusted to account for the presence of the white foam backing. Good Fortune comes to those that wait. Your time has come! Legend has it that a black feather brings good fortune when brought into a home, so what better way to start your home renovation? The feather tile design features a black matte finish surrounded by black grout providing a stylish sophisticated backdrop to your kitchen or bathroom.  The thick 2mm feather tiles make for a quick and easy installation that can be completed in just a few hours! What are you waiting for? Bring good fortune in and let good things begin!
Feather Wall Tile | Green with White Grout Green feather wall tiles as kitchen splash back
Peel & Stick Hub Feather Wall Tile | Green with White Grout
Flying high tiles
Are you an over achiever and always like to excel? Then these tiles will not disappoint. The colour green is said to represent perfectionists, who are calm and collected. And we totally agree, the shades of green present in these peel and stick vinyl tiles definitely give off a soothing feeling and the white grout in between the feathers gives a fresh look to the tiles.  But the most amazing feature about these tiles is that they are 2.5mm thick and can be installed on top of existing tiles. No need to worry about seeing the grout lines underneath, these high flying tiles hide all of the imperfections making them quick and easy to install.
Grey feather vinyl wall tile with white grout Grey feather wall tiles in kitchen
Peel & Stick Hub Feather Wall Tile | Grey with White Grout
Light as a feather tiles
Are you looking for a modern lightweight tile to ‘pimp’ up your camper? Then look no further, our peel and stick vinyl tiles are lightweight and perfect for motorhomes and campervans. They can easily be installed on any flat surface making a perfect splashback in your vans kitchen or bathroom area. Pimp up your van with these feather designed wall tiles showcasing a beautiful array of neutral tones. The clean white grout lines around the feathers make the vinyl tiles pop and are sure to make a statement in any home but especially one that is heading away to explore pastures new.
Pink feather vinyl wall tiles with white grout Pink feather peel and stick wall tiles with white grout
Peel & Stick Hub Feather Wall Tile | Pink with White Grout
Flock together tiles
The skies the limit when it comes to renovating. So what are you waiting for? We’ve all heard of the saying ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and at the Peel & Stick Hub we couldn’t agree more. These stunning stick on feather tiles give off a soothing feeling with the beautiful array of pink hues and white grout. The combination of colour enables you to mix and match easily creating a real classic vibe. So often people are scared about renovating their bathroom or kitchen as they are usually the most expensive rooms in the house but with Peel & Stick Hub we can offer you an affordable DIY solution that not only looks like real ceramic tiles but can be installed in just a few hours! Don’t wait any longer, get your flock together and fly!
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