Edge Trim White


Edge Trim White

Living on an edge

3m Roll | 3m x 11.3mm x 3.3mm thick

Don’t wait, take the plunge and finish the job.

There’s no risk to this vinyl edging - the neutral white trim is designed to match any colour tile and makes for an affordable professional finish to your splash back or tiling project. 

The 3m white trim is self adhesive and comes in one length giving that professional finish with no visible joins. The trim can be easily cut with a craft knife and metal ruler. 

Tips, we’d like to tell you now:

  • Frame your job and give it a professional finished look to be proud of! The decorative trim is ideal for hiding cut tile edges and will take your DIY project to the next level. Most tile jobs only require one 3m edge trim roll which can easily be cut to size by you. Any unused lengths are perfect for little art projects. They can with ease be joined together so before you order make sure you know how many 3m rolls you require. There is nothing worse than being short of products on the installation day!
  • Buy and save! We have some amazing bundle deals for our tiles. If you’re tossing up between using the edge trim or not, it might actually help you push over our threshold for free shipping!
  • We love a good 5 star review and we also know that our customers love a satisfying DIY project. Let’s work together: We’ve provided the installation guide - now it’s your turn to follow it and we can both celebrate the success of your makeover!
  • The edge trims come ready with an extra strong adhesive on the back. They are really just as easy as cut,  peel and stick!

Frame that job like a pro!

More Info - Edge Trims

suitable for framing

  • Peel and stick tiles
  • Other splash backs
  • Mirrors
  • Art work
  • More


Size: 3m (L) x 11.3mm (W) x 3.3mm (T)

1 continuous roll

Material: PVC, EVA self adhesive foam, PE film

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lilian Wallace
White edge trim

It's a bit thick and the adhesive does not go to the edge so it is now sitting proud on the join

Brian Lai
Fresh look in minutes

Amazing tiles, easy to apply with the simple design. Easy to cut and match. The area looks fresh and new in minutes!

Lynn Calder
Good buy.

My tiles stuck, and didn't come away. I'm very happy. Just take your time measure and look at instructions. I made one mistake doing it backwards. I'm very happy.

Jennie Boyce
works well

Edge Trim looks good and was quite easy to put on my wall to complete a look.

Brenda R
Self adhesive Edge Trim

I had issues this product, the backing was almost impossible to remove without removing the self adhesive strip as well, 3 capable adults all had a go with the same result. I was however impressed with their customer service rep Katya, who responded quickly and was helpful and friendly & although I was unable to return the product as we had already disposed of it. I was offered a refund or replacement as concluded it may have been an old stock item I received in error. So 4 stars for back up service!

Installation Guide

Unroll: The edge trim has a natural bend. Before you start, roll the edge trim in the opposite direction from how it's been packaged to offset its tension a bit. This will help the strip to stick properly. 

Cut: Cut the edge trim at a 45° angle to make a neat corner.

Peel: Peel off the protective tape from the back of the edge trim. For longer lengths keep the majority of the backing paper on and only fold back a small part of it.

Stick: Press the edge trim firmly onto the wall to make sure proper adhesion. Remove the remaining of the backing paper as you smooth down the rest of the edge trim

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