What you’ll need to install

The tools you’ll need to install vinyl tiles


Although you don’t need any special tools, there are a few things we think make the job easier when applying the peel and stick wall tiles:

  • grease remover: Preparation is key. To clean your wall we suggest you use some form of grease remover: We recommend sugar soap to clean the surface properly before you start.
  • craft knife: Use a craft knife with a sharp blade to cut the tiles to size.
  • scissors: These will come in handy when cutting the tiles around curved shapes.
  • pen: Use a pen or pencil to mark where to cut the tiles and to trace a guideline for your first row of tiles.
  • craft mat: Use a craft mat or chopping board to protect your surface when cutting the tiles.
  • metal edge ruler: Make sure your ruler has a metal edge to avoid it getting cuts from your craft knife.
  • tape measure: Tiling equals a lot of measuring. A tape measure is ideal to have for your project.
  • level: Use a level or plain to mark out a guideline for your first row of tiles. If you get the start right, the rest of the tiles will follow in a straight line.
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