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DIY Pro Tool Kit DIY Pro Tool Kit
Peel & Stick Hub DIY Pro Tool Kit
The big bundle
$24.00 $27.00
Get DIY pro ready!  If you're planning a big job or just want that extra protection from a larger cutting mat and a longer ruler for good measure, the DIY pro tool kit might be the right option. It includes: A3 self-healing craft mat 60cm stainless steel ruler Utility knife with 5 replacement blades Get all the tools you need for your self-adhesive tile installation. This kit will be handy to have for any cutting craft jobs around the house. 
Edge Trim White White edge trim to frame peel and stick wall tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Edge Trim White
Living on an edge
Don’t wait, take the plunge and finish the job. There’s no risk to this vinyl edging - the neutral white trim is designed to match any colour tile and makes for an affordable professional finish to your splash back or tiling project.  The 3m white trim is self adhesive and comes in one length giving that professional finish with no visible joins. The trim can be easily cut with a craft knife and metal ruler. 
Edge Trim Silver Silver edge trim to frame peel and stick tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Edge Trim Silver
A tiler’s silver lining
Don’t just wish it, silver edge trim it. Everyone likes a silver lining and this edge trim offers you a great way to finish your tiling project with some class. The silver coloured trim provides a fabulous metallic finish to your bathroom or kitchen project enabling you to pull the whole look together. Or why not frame some cool artwork with it?! The 3m silver edge trim comes in a continuous length and is easy to cut to size. It has a self-adhesive backing making installation easy and quick. 
Edge Trim Black Black edge trim for peel and stick wall tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Edge Trim Black
Framed by a minimalist
Frame your project and be proud. Make it a picture perfect job with these quality vinyl trims. The black vinyl trim comes in a 3m roll and is an easy way to seamlessly frame any project whether it’s tiles, a mirror or any other artwork.  Measure and cut to size with a ruler and craft knife and then simply peel off the backing and stick to the wall framing your tiles or drawing attention to a feature in your home. 
Edge Trim Grey Grey edge trim to frame peel and stick wall tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Edge Trim Grey
It's just a trim
Trim it up with designer edging. Often it’s the little things that make such a huge difference and it’s no different when it comes to DIY. Our tiles look fabulous on their own but to really finish the job these easy to use vinyl trims are the perfect way to frame your tiles with a clean line.  The grey vinyl trim is a neutral colour that has been selected to blend with our tiling range. The 3m length enables you to have a seamless edge with no joins and it’s also easy to cut to size if required. 
Edge Trim Rose Gold Rose gold edge trim to frame peel and stick wall tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Edge Trim Rose Gold
DIY job completed
Complete the look with vinyl edging. If a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing well. This is our motto and this rose gold trim is a sure way to finish your DIY wall tile project in style.  The 3m rose gold trim acts like a border to your tiles and adds a clean, professional look to any tiling project. An edge can cut down on cleaning and maintenance and protects a tile installation for years to come. Installing this trim is no more difficult than installing the rest of the self-adhesive wall tiles.
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