Clear anti slip grip dots that are self-adhesive for slippery floors Clear dots of anti slip grip on bathroom floor
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Clear Dots
Dot dot dash dots
No need to decipher this code, simply apply and stop the slip!  The clear anti slip grips are a practical solution for bathrooms and any area that gets slippery underfoot when wet. These clear anti slip dots are perfect for places where you don’t want to make a statement but do want to be safe!  They can be used inside and outside the shower or bath tub and are self adhesive making it super easy to apply. You can even combine these with the clear strips to make a real dot dot dash pattern on your floor!
Anti-slip Grip | Black Dots black anti slip grip dots to prevent slipping in the bath
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Black Dots
Connect the dots
It’s child's play - simply connect the dots!  Stop the slip with these easy to apply anti-slip grips. Create a stylish design with these black self-adhesive dots in any bathroom, be it your own or your elderly parents. These anti-slip black dots work by creating a textured surface that increases the grip between your feet and the surface you’re standing on.  They are also made from a durable material that can withstand the daily wear and tear of bathroom use. They are easy to apply and affordable. Go on - connect the dots with Peel & Stick Hub.
grey anti slip grip dots that are peel and stick for slipper floors Grey anti slip grip dots in bath tub to prevent slipping
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Grey Dots
Just dotting around dots
Help prevent slips by adding anti-slip dots!  It’s all too easy to slip when the floor is wet so make sure you keep your loved ones safe by adding anti-slip dots to your bathroom floor. These grey coloured dots are an inexpensive and effective way to help stay upright. They have a studded texture that provides a good grip for feet.  They can be applied inside and outside your shower or bath tub and they are easy to clean and maintain, simply peel and stick in any stylish design!
White anti slip grip sticker dots that are self-adhesive for slippery floor White anti slip grip sticker dots in a bath tub
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | White Dots
Posh polka dots
Famously flattering polka dots are all the rage!  Style up your bathroom with these white self adhesive anti-slip dots. Not only are they practical but you can also create your own stylish pattern inside and outside your shower or bath tub. Have some fun with the kids and let them help design the pattern, you could even combine it with the white strips and be extra posh! The anti slip grips are easy to apply. Simply clean the surface you are wanting to make safe, dry thoroughly and then peel and stick the strips firmly into place.
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