Transform Your Space with Edge Trims: The Tiling Hack You Need to Know

Transform Your Space with Edge Trims: The Tiling Hack You Need to Know

Edge Trims - the icing on the cake

You’ve finished installing your peel and stick tiles and you stand back and look at your project. It looks really good! You pat yourself on the back and are proud of yourself for doing such an amazing job. But something’s missing… something that will finish off the job and take it to the next level?

What? You may ask, as you are certain you’ve followed the instructions religiously so you scratch your head wondering how you can make this tiling job even better than perfect. 

The correct answer is, you frame it. You finish off the job by framing it and your tiles will look like a true masterpiece. 

That's right, you heard it here first folks. Edge trims are the tiling hack you need to transform your space from drab to fab. 

But wait, what even are edge trims? Good question. Edge trims are small strips of self-adhesive vinyl that are used to finish the edge of your tiles. Think of them like the icing on the cake - they provide a polished and professional look to your tiling job.

The edge trims are super easy to install, so you won't have to spend hours trying to get them just right. They come in a handy length of 3m and 1-2 packs are generally enough for most projects. The back is peel and stick just like the tiles and they can be cut to size with scissors but our preferred way is using a craft knife for precision. 

Is an edge trim always required?

We often get asked if you have to use an edge trim. The answer is no. There is no requirement to use an edge trim - it’s up to each installer's personal preference. We think it frames the tiles nicely and since most designs need to be cut at the start and finish so it provides a good barrier around the tiles. Using a trim will hide the cut off tile look and give it a smooth finished line. There are certainly times where the tiles may look amazing just on their own. This could be if you are covering a bigger area like floor to ceiling and if you’re using a design where you don’t cut the end tiles. Some people like to create playful top lines and outer edges with our hexagon tiles, not giving them a straight line. In these cases, an edge trim might not be preferred. 

Our Edge Trim Colour Range


Our edge trims come in five different colours, so you can easily find one that complements your existing style. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

Edge Trim White - Living on an edge

This is our number one bestseller. It’s easy to understand why, as white really goes with everything. You just can’t go wrong with this design. 

Edge Trim Silver - A tiler’s silver lining

This edge trim gives you the standard silver finish so often found in kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms. It’s both timeless and easy to pair with any colour design. 

Edge Trim Rose Gold - DIY job completed

The rose gold edge trim adds a bit of glam and warmth to your tiling project. This is the perfect trim to complete a DIY job with. 

Edge Trim Black - Framed by a minimalist

As the name suggests, this stylish black trim ticks all the minimalist boxes. This is the perfect subtle finish to the black range of tiles and makes a great statement to any of the other designs. 

Edge Trim Grey - It’s just a trim

If you’re looking at an edge trim that isn’t metallic, not as defining as black and white but something that just blends in, then the grey trim is the way to go. It’s truly just a trim and pairs nicely with the grey grout in our tiles.

Other ways to use an Edge Trim

Did you know that framing tiles are not the only thing these edge trims can be used for. Many of our customers use them for:

  1. Mirrors
  2. Create a frame around prints and other artwork
  3. Arts and craft projects

Overall, the self-adhesive tile edge trim is a versatile product that can be used in a range of applications to improve the look, durability, and safety of tiled surfaces. Trust us, your home will thank you for it.

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