Stick on Wall Tiles - Do They Really Work?

Stick on Wall Tiles - Do They Really Work?

Are you thinking about a DIY home improvement project that involves rearranging your bathroom walls or revamping your kitchen splashback to something attractive? Trust me, stick-on wall tiles can make everything effortless and more manageable. They are versatile, inexpensive, and ideal for every individual, right from renters to homeowners. However, you may have heard some people questioning their efficacy. Are stick-on tiles as reliable as traditional tiles? Do they actually stick? Let's dig into the details.


Are stick-on tiles the same as self adhesive tiles?

Yes, stick-on tiles are often called self adhesive tiles or peel and stick tiles - they are all vinyl tiles with some form of adhesive backing.  Some tiles have adhesive already applied on the back of each tile, while others require the use of additional adhesive. Our tiles at the Peel & Stick Hub have a self adhesive backing which uses an extra strong bonding glue already applied to the tiles making it easy to just peel off the backing paper and stick to your wall.

Are stick on tiles as reliable as traditional tiles?

Absolutely, stick on tiles not only look similar to traditional tiles but they are also easy to maintain and keep clean with no risk of mould or mildew build up. Some of the vinyl tiles now have a top layer of gel making them look just like real ceramic tiles. And to finish the job you can create a border around the tiles edge using our peel and stick edge trims.


Can I use these adhesive tiles on any surface?

No, not on any surface but you can peel and stick on most surfaces including on top of existing tiles. These are the recommended surfaces for our tiles:

  • smooth ceramic tiles
  • smooth glass tiles
  • wall panel (acrylic)
  • wall linoleum
  • mirror
  • wallpaper (untextured)
  • painted gib board (after 4-6 weeks curing time for fresh paint)

The surfaces that are not recommended can be found HERE

Vinyl tiles


Are peel and stick tiles really easy to install?

Stick-on tiles are perfect for someone who loves DIY projects because they are easy to install. You don't need a professional to install them as you can achieve the job by yourself. They are user-friendly and available with instructions to make the whole DIY process easy. All you need to do is ensure the wall surface you are applying the tiles to is clean and dry and then simply peel off the backing paper and stick the tiles to the wall. The tiles are super lightweight and are designed to stick to the walls once contact has been made.


Why are vinyl wall tiles so cheap?

Self adhesive tiles are very affordable in comparison to traditional tiles. Traditional tiles can be costly to purchase, and there is an additional cost which is incurred during installation as well. Often old tiles need to be removed and taken to the dump. Then the surface needs to be prepared properly. You may hire someone to install them or you may use a lot of time doing it yourself. However, stick-on tiles are economical and time-saving making them an all round cheaper option. Just because the price is lower than traditional ceramic tiles it does not mean that the quality of the vinyl tiles is low - in fact vinyl tiles are expected to look better than normal tiles due to the grout already being present on the vinyl tiles and therefore less likely to mould overtime.


Do vinyl wall tiles really stick?

The big question, do vinyl tiles really stick? The answer is an overwhelming yes. Stick-on tiles are engineered to stick firmly on any surface as long as it is clean, dry, and flat. You can stick them on walls, floors, and countertops without worry. However, it is vital to avoid peeling that you ensure you wipe the surface properly to remove dirt and grime before application and you press all of the tile down firmly onto the wall, this includes all edges so the glue makes contact with the wall.

So, are stick-on wall tiles reliable? Yes, they are, especially when the surface is well prepared and the tiles are applied correctly. To ensure your tiles last, it's always wise to use tiles made from high-quality materials, stick to the instructions, and give yourself time to do the job properly. If you are still not convinced take a look at our FAQ’s or our inspirational blog. All of these factors together with the ease of installation, affordability, and a wide range of styles and designs make stick-on tiles an excellent option for anyone looking to revamp their walls.

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