Peel and Stick Wall Tiles: Why Peel & Stick Hub Tiles are a Great Choice for Your Home

Peel and Stick Wall Tiles: Why Peel & Stick Hub Tiles are a Great Choice for Your Home

Peel and stick wall tiles - what’s all the fuss about?

Peel and stick wall tiles. Ah, where do we even begin? There are so many reasons why these little squares of self-adhesive vinyl have become the latest craze in home decor. Some might say it's because they are easy to install, or because they are affordable, or because they come in a wide range of styles, textures and colors. But really, it's because they're just so darn special.

Let's start with the obvious: peel and stick wall tiles are incredibly easy to install. You don't need any special tools or skills, just a clean, dry surface to stick them on. You might have heard it already but it’s true; you don’t even need to remove your old ceramic tiles. These clever stick on tiles can be applied straight on top.  So let's be real, who doesn't love a good DIY project that doesn't require a trip to the hardware store or a call to your handyman? Just check the FAQs and you're on to a great start. Plus, because they're so easy to apply, you can change up your look whenever you want without a lot of hassle or breaking the bank.

But that's just the beginning. Peel and stick wall tiles are also incredibly affordable. Gone are the days of spending a small fortune on fancy tiles and grout. With self-adhesive wall tiles, you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the cost. And because they're so cost effective, you can use them in places you might not have thought of before. Want to spruce up your laundry room or add some flair to your closet? Stick on tiles have got you covered.

Now let's talk about style. Peel and stick wall tiles come in a wide range of colours and patterns, from classic subway tile to trendy geometric shapes like hexagon, herringbone and kit kat tiles. Want to create a bold accent wall? Go for a bright, eye-catching pattern. Want to keep things subtle and chic? Stick with a neutral colour palette. The possibilities are truly endless.

Perhaps the most special thing about peel and stick wall tiles is the joy they bring to your life. Yes, you read that right. These little squares of vinyl have the power to bring you joy. Every time you walk past your newly tiled bathroom or catch a glimpse of your kitchen splash back, you'll feel a little thrill of happiness. Isn't that what life is all about? Finding joy in the little things? 

There you have it peeps. Peel and stick wall tiles are special because they're easy, affordable, stylish, and bring joy to your life. That’s what all the fuss is about.

Removing backing paper on peel and stick tile

Why are Peel & Stick Hub tiles so special?

So now we’ve cleared that up and gained an understanding of why peel and stick wall tiles are a thing that so many people rave about. Let’s look into what sets the Peel & Stick Hub tiles brand apart from the wide range of self-adhesive tiles on the market.

  1. Thick and rigid: The peel and stick tiles are thick. They are 2mm thick which is thicker than many other brands on the market. So why does the thickness matter? Let us explain; the peel & stick tiles are developed as an easy DIY solution for your home. Often the tiles are used in areas with already existing tiles in place. This is when the tile thickness plays a critical role. The Peel & Stick Hub tiles are better at covering imperfections, such as groutlines, compared to thinner tiles. The tile backing is a premium foam which gives the tiles more rigidity and the tiles will therefore not “sink into” the shape of the covered area (e.g. groutlines). 
  2. Affordable: When we say affordable we really do mean affordable! The Peel & Stick Hub tiles start at $29 for a pack. By adding our multibuy offers into the mix you can knock off another 9-15% making them even more affordable. Then to top it off, when you spend over $125 on products you also get free shipping. If this wasn’t enough, our clever calculator makes sure that you purchase just the right amount of tiles. Should you have tiles over, our 30 days return policy allows you to return unopened packs. So you can trust you don’t have to spend more than what you actually use. Lastly we offer Afterpay so you don’t need to sit around and wait for your next payday. This won’t make the final bill any cheaper but it can make it more bearable with it being split up into 4 instalments spread out over 8 weeks. 
  3. Durable:  The Peel & Stick Hub tiles tick all the boxes when it comes to the must have features:
    • Antistatic
    • Oil proof
    • Mould proof
    • Smoke proof
    • Scratch resistant
    • Moisture and water proof and resistant to the humidity of bathrooms
    • Heat insulation properties and resistance to the heat of stove tops and takes heat up to 120°C. 
  4. Designed to last: The tiles are guaranteed to stick firmly to the walls and will never crack or yellow.
  5. Extra strong glue: Whilst we’re on the topic and talking about sticking, the glue on the Peel & Stick Hub tiles is extra strong. So you won’t be getting any whoopsies of tiles starting to fall down into your chicken casserole (unless they’re not applied correctly which is a totally different story). 
  6. Eco friendly: The tiles are RoHS, REACH 163 and US Prop 65 compliant.
  7. Extra long edge trim: We believe that when you’re doing a DIY job, it’s worth doing it well. We therefore have sourced extra long edge trims for you to frame your project. This definitely takes the tiling up to the next level!
  8. 30 days easy return: If you for any reason wish to return any unopened packages we have an easy 30 days return policy.
  9. We are experts in the field: We are vinyl and peel and stick experts and will guide you through the entire project. We know our products and have been working with everything sticky back for years. If you’re in doubt, just check out Vinyl Home. That’s us too! 
  10. Smart Calculator: We have a calculator that helps you calculate the right amount of tiles for the job. This isn’t just like any other calculator out there. This is a smart and we really mean smart calculator, developed by us.
    To understand how smart it actually is, let’s start by looking at what other calculators do. They summarise the total area a customer wishes to tile, add 10% wastage and voila, they tell you what to buy. (That is if they even have a calculator. If you purchase the tiles in a store they certainly don’t, which leaves you to the guessing game.)
    What our smart calculator does, it considers the different sections to be tiled, takes the design shape and positioning of the tiles into consideration and then lets you decide what wastage percent to add before letting you know the amount of tiles your project requires.

Tips for Mindful Tile Purchasing: Factors to Consider for Quality Tiles

It is important to be mindful of the quality of the tiles you are purchasing, regardless of where you buy them from. We recommend taking into consideration the expected lifespan of the tiles, the materials they are made from, and any special features they may have. If the retailer is unable to provide satisfactory answers to these basic questions, it may be a cause for concern. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully research and choose your tiles wisely.

White herringbone peel and stick tiles interlocking

In summary, Peel & Stick Hub offers a superior product in the world of peel and stick wall tiles. With our thicker, more rigid tiles, affordable prices, and durable features, the tiles are a great choice for any home decor project. If you haven't already jumped on the peel and stick bandwagon, what are you waiting for? Your walls are just waiting to be transformed. Check out our range of tiles now.

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