Clear strips anti slip grip Clear strips anti slip grip on bathroom floor
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Clear Strips
Skid no evil strip
Keep your feet firmly on the ground with anti skid strips These anti slip clear grips provide extra traction and grip on surfaces that are often wet or slippery. Think bathtubs, bathroom floors, and outside the shower.  These grips are made of a transparent material, so blend seamlessly with the surfaces they are attached to, making them practical and unobtrusive. Simply decide on the placement of the grips, clean the surface, dry it and then peel and stick! 
White anti slip grip strips White anti slip grip in bath tub
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | White Strips
Slip slap stop strip
Stop the slip with these Anti-Slip White Grips We all know the saying Slip Slap Slop but we wanted to take this one step further with Slip Slap Stop! Our self-adhesive anti-slip grips are the perfect solution when you need to stop the risk of slipping in a bathroom or a wet room area.   Our white anti-slip grips are perfect for the bathroom, a tiled hallway, or any place that has exposure to water which can lead to slippery surfaces. It’s easy to add these anti-slip strips, all you need to do is decide on how you want to place the strips and then peel and stick them into place.  They can also be used inside a bath tub and shower! 
Black strips of anti slip grips for slippery floors Anti-slip Grip | Black Strips
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Black Strips
No more slip strip
Don’t sacrifice style for safety ​​Slipping in the bathroom and hurting yourself can be a painful and embarrassing experience no matter what your age. But the good news is that you can prevent it from happening by installing these anti-slip black grips in your bathroom. Not only do these grips enhance the safety of your bathroom, but they also add a stylish touch to your bathroom décor. These grips are easy to apply to floors or even inside bathtubs giving you peace of mind each time you bathe. Don’t wait for an accident to happen apply your black self adhesive non slip grips today.
Anti-slip Grip | Grey Strips Grey anti slip grip strips in white bath tub
Peel & Stick Hub Anti-slip Grip | Grey Strips
Stay grounded strip
Stay Grounded with Anti-Slip Grey Grips for Your Bathroom The anti-slip grey grips provide a strong and stable surface that helps you stay grounded and avoid slipping. No more slipping and sliding in your wet room, these grey coloured strips feature a unique texture that creates friction between your feet and the surface, even when it's wet helping you or your children stay grounded! These anti-slip grey grips can be installed in your bathtub, shower, bathroom floor, or any other place where slipping is a concern. Choose a design for your placement and then simply peel and stick the grips into place.
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