Craft knife with 5 replacement blades Craft knife for cutting peel and stick wall tiles
Peel & Stick Hub Craft Knife | Round Pencil Grip with 5 Blades
Sharp as a Knife
Don’t be as blunt as a tack We all know having the right tools for the job is essential when it comes to DIY and although we love the fact that you hardly need any tools to apply our products we do recommend a sharp utility knife for a perfect finish. This craft knife makes cutting any of the vinyl tiles easy and gives a clean line every time. The aluminium handle with anti skidding design makes the utility knife comfortable to use. It comes with 5 handy replacement blades that are easy to swap out by simply unscrewing the lowest part of the craft knife.  Tips: Buy a tool bundle and save! This utility knife is part of our DIY starter tool kit and paired with an A4 craft mat and a 30cm metal ruler as well as our DIY pro tool kit containing an A3 cutting mat and a 60cm stainless steel ruler.    
60cm stainless steel metal ruler Metal edge ruler
Peel & Stick Hub 60cm Metal Edge Ruler | Stainless Steel
The precision alloystick
Unleash Your Inner DIY Pro With a majestic 60cm length, this ruler leaves no room for inaccuracies. Its finely etched markings are a testament to craftsmanship, allowing you to measure with unparalleled accuracy. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this ruler will help you DIY like a pro when you cut your peel and stick tiles to size. If you prefer the imperial system, simply flip the ruler over and you have the markings up to 24 inches long.   Tips: Buy a tool bundle and save! This 60cm ruler is part of our DIY pro tool kit and paired with an A3 craft mat and a utility knife.    
Sold out
A3 self-healing cutting mat with grid A3 reversible self-healing cutting mat for DIY craft
Peel & Stick Hub A3 Self-healing Cutting Mat | Grey Reversible
A great investment mat
Who doesn’t love a good investment? If you are planning on renovating a room in your home then this large A3 self healing cutting mat is an essential piece of equipment that will not only protect whatever you're cutting on it will also help guide you with lines and measurements.  The A3 cutting mat is large enough to comfortably protect your working surface when cutting your peel and stick vinyl wall tiles to size. The grey mat has a special self-healing layer which allows you to use the mat over and over again. It comes with a handy grid system in cm and inches and is reversible so that both sides can be used. The craft mat is both water, scratch and slip resistant and consist of 5 pvc layers.  We recommend that you store your craft mat on a flat surface away from the sun and direct heat when not in use. This mat is super handy for any cutting craft projects around the home. Tips: Buy a tool bundle and save! This A3 craft mat is part of our DIY pro tool kit and paired with a 60cm metal ruler and a utility knife.    
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